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Abhijeet Sawant Ke Deewaane

Idol Worship

SINGER Sonu Nigam can entertain the pants off an audience. Which is why the launch of his latest album Chanda Ki Doli at Ravindra Natya Mandir at Prabhadevi last evening was super, except for promos that kept hammering in the fact that he’s ‘‘sensational’’.

Poking fun at himself, Sonu stirred a rather sleepy yet packed auditorium into frenzy with the hi-energy Satrangi Re from Dil Se, a Main Hoon Na medley and a few tracks from his new album.

Indian idol Abhijeet Sawant’s side show almost stole Sonu’s thunder, considering the cheers and whistles that filled the hall when he walked on stage. And why not. His debut album Aapka Abhijeet Sawant sold 70,000 copies on day one itself. 



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