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Abhijeet Sawant Ke Deewaane

Rest Of The Interview

Indian idol > Do you ever think that you are fit to be an Indian Idol?
Abhijeet Sawant > Yes, I am.

Nanny > How are you feeling now? Any jitters? How will you pass the night today?
Abhijeet Sawant > I can't sleep tonight. I am just hoping that tomorrow morning is my lucky day. I have my friends, who will be with me tonight.

Clod > How has the experience been?
Abhijeet Sawant > The experience is really nice. It was also challenging for me.

Roma > What will you feel and what will be your first thoughts if you don't win finally?
Abhijeet Sawant > I want to become a playback singer so I will struggle for playback singing. And I hope I will make it in to playback singing.

Viva > If you don't win, what will you blame it on and how will you feel?
Abhijeet Sawant > I think it's all luck for whoever wins; luck is the main factor. I will not blame it on anything and I think where I am today is a big achievement.

Snehal > When is birthday?
Abhijeet Sawant > 7 th of October.

Jack > Who do you think was the toughest competitor when the final 11 were chosen?
Abhijeet Sawant > There were a lot of them like Rahul Vaidya, Rahul Saxena- these two were the toughest competitors.

Deepa > Will you sing if someone stops you on the road and asks (you) to sing a line or two?
Abhijeet Sawant > Why not? Yes, I will.

Abhijeet > Who is your favourite singer?
Abhijeet Sawant > Sonu Nigam.

Vini > Hi Abhijeet! How do you feel now?
Abhijeet Sawant > I am feeling great but I am also tensed.

Tigs > Where did you train in music from?
Abhijeet Sawant > From Pandit Bhavdeep Jaipurwale in Mumbai.

Monu > Do you think it's your talent or god's blessing and good fate that has made you so famous today?
Abhijeet Sawant > I think my singing is the main factor and my voice quality and
God's blessing too.

Abhijeet > Abhijeet, what was your ambition earlier?
Abhijeet Sawant > To be a playback singer.

Rima > Hi, CONGRATS for making it this far! How did you think of taking part in this programme on Indian idols? Who convinced you?
Abhijeet Sawant > My friends convinced me. They told me about this contest. My friends then registered my name and I was called.

Deepa > You just said, you will sing!! I am waiting right outside the chat room to hear you sing!!!! Are you gonna keep your promise?
Abhijeet Sawant > Come into the chat room and I will sing.

Aakritii > Which is your favourite film actor and actress?
Abhijeet Sawant > I have so many favourite films. One of them is Andaz Apna Apna. Actors Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan and among actresses - Rani Mukherjee and Madhuri Dixit are my favourites.

Lagey_raho > Which performance of yours was the best till date?
Abhijeet Sawant > Patriotic round. It was my best performance ever!

Shweta > Are you all set to rock your audience tomorrow?
Abhijeet Sawant > I am all set to rock my audience tomorrow.

Indian idol 1 > Hi, how did it feel when you saw Sonu Nigam for the first time?
Abhijeet Sawant > It was my dream to see Sonu Nigam and when I saw him
for the first time, my dream came true.

Gauri > Are you comfortable with your change of look? You have transformed from a simple Marathi 'mulga' (boy) to cool dude.
Abhijeet Sawant > In the beginning I had a problem with my hairstyle, but later, I began to love my changed look.

Vishi > Hi Abhijeet, how does it feel when stars of India become your fans?
Abhijeet Sawant > I feel great to know that such people like me, and they love my smile. That's a very big thing for me.

Reena rao > What kind of rapport do you share with (competitor) Amit Sana?
Abhijeet Sawant > He is my very good friend. We met at the Indian Idol audition. I
Share a very comfortable rapport with him.

Jayee > How did you feel when you performed at the Filmfare awards?
Abhijeet Sawant > It was a dream for me to perform at the Filmfare Awards, and my next dream is to get a Filmfare award.

Nidhi_tanvi > What do you think about your chances to win Indian idol?
Abhijeet Sawant > I think the chances are – 50/50.

Vrushali > Have you already decided to make singing as a career or it just happened
Abhijeet Sawant > I always wanted to be a singer, that's why I learnt music
and I was struggling for the past two years to make it in this line.

Sign off Message > Just keep smiling like I do. Thank you for logging and chatting with me. Love, Abhijeet Sawant
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